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IT Management

IT management within your organisation from onboarding and offboarding users to designing the infrastructure of your workspace and connecting this to third party services that you use.

IT Management

Services included:

Live ticket system with arranged IT support calls via call/messaging service.
User and tenant management.
Cyber security teaching and practicing methods
Software audits and security checks.
Software and hardware policies checked for GDPR practices.
Skill sharing (docs, walkthroughs and tutorials to improve internal workflow).
Quarterly audits for user data and security features are up to date.
Data backup (does not include the purchase cost of services).
Data migration within the same workspace environment.
Weekend overtime.
Representing client for third party services support.
Ops/department meeting attendance.
DNS and domain admin and management.
Secondary service management.
Onboarding and offboarding management and structure planning.
Email management.
Hardware setup and system structures.


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